Citron-Crested Cockatoo: Bird Species Profile

Citron-Crested Cockatoo: Bird Species Profile

The citron cockatoo is a slightly smaller sized, quieter, and also extra controlled assortment of the sulphur-crested cockatoo. It is actually a subspecies of the lower sulphur-crested cockatoo. Its own distinctive orange peak sets it in addition to the yellowish plumes of the other subspecies. Its own character makes it a preferred selection for owners that would like to be needed to have through an animal bird and have the amount of time to perform thus.

Species Overview POPULAR NAMES: Citron-crested cockatoo, citron cockatoo, Sumba cockatoo

TAXONOMIC NAME: Cacatua sulphurea citrinocristata

ADULT SIZE: 13 and 15 inches in length

LIFE SPAN: 50 years in bondage under perfect situations

Origin as well as History

The citron cockatoo is belonging to Indonesia's Lesser Sunda Islands as well as Sumba. It is at times named the Sumba cockatoo. Its own preferred habitation is tropical woods, especially along the edge of those rainforests.

Formally classified as an endangered varieties, citron cockatoos are extremely jeopardized over its own whole entire indigenous range. Its population downtrend is due to habitation loss as well as prohibited holding for the pet business.


Citron cockatoos are quieter than many cockatoo types, but they still possess major personalities and love to interact and participate in along with their owners. This bird is actually a slightly extra reversed cockatoo than various other assortments, as well as it may take a bit of time to become acclimated to brand-new settings.

Once it really feels comfy, the bird is curious, loving, and also will definitely wish to be on your side as usually as achievable. This varieties advised for a bird proprietor who has loads of downtime to invest with their pet. Cockatoos, typically, require additional individual attention than various other kinds of parrots, and also the citron is a timeless example.

Typically, all cockatoos are smart birds along with the capacity to discover to speak and do techniques like dancing, wave, and also play bring.

Speech and Vocalizations

Birds who come to be talkers are very most vocal early in the morning. Citron cockatoos are actually much less trained at outspoken replica than other participants of the parrot loved ones along with learned vocabularies of just around 15 terms and expressions. These birds are actually generally silent by parrot specifications, however they can help make loud growling noises that may quickly grow to extremely high-pitched, stunning blares. Citron cockatoos are actually certainly not the right selection for those that stay in condos or apartments; their potential screams and vocalisms may trouble nearby next-door neighbors.

Citron-Crested Cockatoo Colors as well as Markings

Citron cockatoos are usually white along with pale orange patches on their cheeks, dull yellow on the undersides of their airfoils and also tail plumes, and a brilliant orange crest that precisely distinguishes all of them from the various other sulfur-crested subspecies, which have yellow aigrettes. The citron cockatoo has black grey feets and grayish-black beaks.

Females and also males look identical. The only detectable distinction is that males possess black eyes, while girls have brownish eyes. This variation is only apparent in grown-up birds; maturity develops between 3 to 5 years of age.

Caring for a Citron-Crested Cockatoo

Like all cockatoos, they are actually social birds that require a considerable amount of individual interaction to continue to be emotionally healthy and balanced. Citrons that feel ignored are going to promptly resort to screaming and also destructive actions. If you're not able to communicate with all of them, some proprietors disclose that their birds cherish possessing a tv or radio left on; they are particularly fond of songs.

While citrons are actually one of the smaller of the cockatoo varieties, these birds still require plenty of residing room. The minimal cage size for a citron cockatoo is actually one along with a 4-foot long through 4-foot vast as well as at the very least 4 feet tall. Much bigger is actually a lot better; an aviary setting is actually perfect.

Common Health Problems

The citron-crested cockatoo is susceptible to psittacosis, a condition dued to the microorganisms Chlamydia psitttici. Indications of this health condition are sleepiness, ejection from the eyes, and respiratory system troubles. It is actually treatable with prescription antibiotics.

Nutritional shortages are additionally popular in citron cockatoos and avoidable along with a balanced diet plan or vitamin supplements.

Psychological issues can trigger destructive behavior like feather-pulling. Birds that feel neglected or even hunger for individual communication are most likely to participate in self-mutilating behavior.

Diet and also Nutrition

Like all cockatoos, citrons are susceptible to weight increase, so proprietors should track their fat deposits consumption. A healthy and balanced diet for a pet dog citron cockatoo ought to consist of top quality pellets, an everyday assisting of fresh bird-safe fruits and veggies, as well as from time to time seeds or even almonds as treats for good actions.

To begin, use approximately 1/4 mug of made diet plan as well as 1/4 mug of new fruits and vegetables daily. If the bird takes in every one of its food items, incrementally include small amounts as preferred. Never ever feed birds avocados or even chocolate; these meals are actually hazardous to them.


All parrots need workout, and the citron cockatoo is actually no exception. Managers ought to deliver a lowest of 3 to 4 hours of your time outside of the cage each day to ensure that the bird may participate in and stretch its muscular tissues.

This activity time likewise gives the important human call the birds need to have. Think about instruction it to chat and also speaking to it during this moment to offer it the social communication it hungers for.

One of the parrots, cockatoos have some of the toughest beaks as well as mouths. Given that birds usually tend to get bored rapidly, revolve the toys in as well as out often.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Citron-Crested Cockatoo

Along with their capitivating individualities and also wonderful colours, citron cockatoos are a well-known dog bird. This species is not commonly discovered in pet establishments, therefore you will definitely require to locate a reputable dog breeder. Field of wild-born birds is unlawful, and you ought to get a bird that possesses a CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) certificate that shows it was actually captive-bred.

Inquire for how long they have actually been breeding and visit their facility. And ensure that the bird you take away is alert, energetic, and also exhibits all the indications of a healthy and balanced bird, like intense eyes, tidy plumes, as well as total plants.

The cost assortments coming from $3,000 to $4,000 for hand-tame infants or even grownups that need a brand new property. Some on the internet resources where you may discover citron-crested cockatoos include:

  • Birds Now

  • Rescue the Birds

  • Use a Pet

The citron cockatoo is a somewhat much smaller, quieter, and even more suppressed assortment of the sulphur-crested cockatoo. Like all cockatoos, they are actually social birds that demand a whole lot of human interaction to continue to be emotionally healthy and balanced. While citrons are amongst the smaller of the cockatoo types, these birds still require lots of staying space. A healthy and balanced diet regimen for a family pet citron cockatoo must be made up of high-quality pellets, a daily assisting of clean bird-safe fruits and veggies, and also periodically seeds or even nuts as addresses for good actions. With their capitivating characters and attractive different colors, citron cockatoos are a well-liked family pet bird.

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