Umbrella Cockatoo (White Cockatoo)

Sunshade cockatoos are actually popular for doing techniques, creating them wonderfully entertaining buddies for bird enthusiasts. A sweet-natured species, umbrella cockatoos could be overly affectionate verging on fanatical with their sitters. These birds may require additional attention and treatment than a lot of various other types, however they make up for it along with their funny appeal. Just like along with any kind of bird, nonetheless, possible owners should ensure that they can easily satisfy the requirements of an umbrella cockatoo just before obtaining one.

Types Overview POPULAR NAMES: Umbrella cockatoo, white colored cockatoo, white-crested cockatoo

TAXONOMIC NAME: Cacatua alba

GROWNUP SIZE: 18 to 24 inches in duration

LIFE SPAN: 70 or even 80 years or additional in bondage along with suitable care

Source and also History

Umbrella cockatoos are actually native to the tropics of Indonesia. These birds initially hail from the Maluku Islands in the northern and main component of the archipelago. They are actually now generally discovered throughout all Indonesia.

You may find these birds in woodlands, mangroves, swamps, and also open woodlands. They appreciate living along rivers as well as the sides of cleanings and field, which give a prize of meals. As a result of the change of their country of origins to field, the birds pick at plants as well as planters consider all of them a nuisance. The umbrella cockatoo types populace is actually decreasing because of a loss of its own habitation, seekers, as well as trappers. Susceptible to endangerment, umbrella cockatoos are now a secured species.


Umbrella cockatoos are soft, accommodating, and sweet-tempered naturally, making all of them properly satisfied to be companion birds. In the wild, sunshade cockatoos mate for life. They create a really close bond with their mate, potentially much more than other species of cockatoos. They will link tiny flocks of umbrella cockatoos and also are hardly in addition to their friend. It is actually certainly not unusual for each of the birds to become really dispirited if a mated pair is actually divided.

Seldom aggressive, they are going to swiftly develop solid connects along with their carers. These affectionate birds enjoy to nuzzle with their individual, bird, or maybe things of choice. Devoted and every bit as loving owners are a really good match for these parrots. This varieties begs to become ruined, so plan on at least one to pair of hours of training, focus, as well as enrichment daily.

Sunshades are intelligent and also extremely social. Easily trainable, they are actually commonly included as the celebrity of bird programs. To stop your bird from ending up being burnt out, have a toolbox of safe bird playthings at your disposal.

Speech and Vocalizations

While the occasional cockatoo can easily imitate individual speech, typically, these birds are not good talkers or imitators of audio. They possess a loud, grating screech or even howl and may hiss when alarmed. In bush, their loud vocalizations were made use of for interaction and could possibly continue cross countries.

In captivity, they typically use loud squawks to call for interest. Therefore, sunshade cockatoos may certainly not be actually the greatest option for those that live in houses or even condo units or even anybody along with close neighbors.

Umbrella Cockatoo Colors and Markings

Umbrella cockatoos are actually largely white along with a true white colored peak. When pleasing a buddy, upset, excited, frightened, and even just annoyed, its crest is going to raise into an outstanding umbrella-like enthusiast. It can easily also be an eccentric means to convey curiosity at something brand new as well as, quite often, is an alert that the bird would like to be actually laid off. It's additionally an excellent warning sign that the bird might attack if approached.

The bottom of their wing and also tail feathers are an ashen yellow shade that looks stunning when in flight.

Although the coloring of guys as well as females is usually the very same, men are actually noticeably larger. Males have wider heads and much larger beaks. Umbrella cockatoos possess black beaks and also grey or even dark feet. Some exhibit a shade of pale blue in the bands around their eyes. The eyes of men are normally darker brown, appearing almost dark. A fully grown female commonly has reddish-brown irises.

Taking care of the Umbrella Cockatoo

Umbrella cockatoos are big birds that need to have a sizable cage and play area. Acquire an unit that is actually as sizable as feasible given that these birds carry out certainly not enjoy restriction. This types might impersonate or even become very dissatisfied in a tight area, which can cause self-mutilation or ailment.

Diurnal birds, umbrella cockatoos call for undisturbed sleeping every night for 10 to 12 hrs. Really good sleep is actually crucial for maintaining their health and wellness and effectively being actually.

Cockatoos possess a grainy down. Shower the bird regularly to lower this naturally sent out messy substance.

Common Health Problems

If they obtain dispirited or even require psychological excitement, umbrella cockatoos might decide on at or pull out their plumes. They lean to psittacine beak and also plume disease, which is actually a harmful virus. If they are actually nourished diet plans that are actually as well higher in fat, they can acquire fatty liver condition and receive overweight.

Diet and Nutrition

Like all huge parrots, sunshade cockatoos allow eaters. In the wild, they devote most of the time searching for meals. Seeds, almonds, coconuts, and grain in planter's areas are actually regular favorites in their diet regimen.

As a household pet, concerning 80 per-cent of their diet plan must be a produced pelleted diet regimen. Premium grains such as quinoa as well as other early grains, clean sprouts, as well as new fruit product are terrific dietary options for this varieties.

Once in a while, feed all of them healthy almonds including almonds, pines, pecans, and also hazelnuts. You can easily likewise supply healthy and balanced seeds like hemp, milk thistle, or even flaxseed as alleviates.


Umbrella cockatoos are actually energetic birds. Offer your bird a number of chewable bird playthings to work out the bird's effective beak. You can teach your cockatoo to play games like catch on the flooring along with a whiffle ball.

To improve as well as motivate task within the enclosure, incorporate loads of swings as well as ladders. These are actually enriching additions to the setting that are going to permit your cockatoo to move about and also clear energy in a good technique.

Where to Adopt or even Buy an Umbrella Cockatoo

Umbrella cockatoos are one of the most common styles of cockatoos had in the U.S. Since these parrots' needs have a tendency to be actually asking for, rescue associations are full of undesirable cockatoos. It is certainly not uncommon for an umbrella cockatoo to go to its second residence by the opportunity it is actually 3 years old.

Sunshade cockatoos are well-known for carrying out methods, making all of them fantastically amusing buddies for bird aficionados. Merely as along with any kind of bird, having said that, potential proprietors need to be actually sure that they may satisfy the necessities of a sunshade cockatoo before acquiring one.

Umbrella cockatoos are soft, docious, as well as gentle by nature, producing all of them properly suited to be companion birds. Sunshade cockatoos are huge birds that require a big cage as well as play place. Umbrella cockatoos are actually one of the most popular types of cockatoos possessed in the U.S.